Solutions in Data, ICT & Telecom

Telco Staffing has their specialization in Data, ICT & Telecom. We give total solutions in the project lifecycle in these areas, whether it is from a total solution or adding new requirements in a current network. Operation and maintenance as well testing and audits is part of our portfolio.

Mobile & Transmission

Telco Staffing does high level support on Mobile Telecommunication deployment, from zero till finish. In this site survey is included till delivery from a full working site

Project lifecycle

Teclo Staffing has a full lifecycle program to all your projects whether it is from zero or just jump in till the end.

Fixed & Datacenters

Telco Staffing is active within the above ground fiber installation and termination for datacenters, commissioning servers, routers, switches and capacity is also in our portfolio.

Operations & Maintenance

Telco Staffing provides solutions for operations and maintenance in the fields where we are active. For more information please contact us.

Career in Telco Staffing